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Helicopter logging


We perform safe, reliable, and fast transportations of all kinds of goods related to forestry, from timber removal after the clearcutting of the mountain to forests thinning and aerial seeding.
Especially, we are proud of our techniques in operation with long suspension cables, gained by years of experience, for which we receive trust and admiration of our clients.


Usage of the helicopter in construction materials transportation, as well as food transportation to mountainous areas, is indispensable. Since we operate diverse helicopters including the most powerful heavy-lift helicopter in Japan KAMOV Ka-32A and outstandingly quiet KAMAN K-MAX, as well as many others, we always can offer the best solution to meet your needs.

Some of our work Achievements


– Power transmission line construction works
– Land restoration and flood-control works in mountainous areas
– Food transportation to mountain facilities
– Participation in restoration and reconstruction after natural disasters
– Goods transportation to the base station antennas
– Transportation of walkway repair materials and various amenities to national parks

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