President, Junichi Sakamoto

President,Junichi Sakamoto

Akagi Helicopter Co., Ltd entered its 32nd year in the helicopter business, but this would be impossible without your support.

During these years, we have been developing timber removal from steep slopes of mountain forests and transportation of construction materials as our main business lines.
And as a result, we have become a leading company in timber transportation.

From now on, we will proceed to do our best for stable cargo transportations, mainly with our most powerful helicopter in Japan KAMOV Ka-32A with the lifting capacity up to 5.0t and the quietest eco-friendly KAMAN K-MAX.

Following one of our main policies – “Change with the times”, we believe that our company makes a significant contribution to our country’s economic development through aerial filming and photography, laser surveying, etc.

To meet your needs, Akagi Helicopter Co., Ltd has a wide range of helicopters and the most powerful latest equipment which makes us competitive in all fields.

In addition, we would like to participate in even more projects related to the infrastructure development for natural disasters’ resilience as well as environmental protection projects.

We strongly believe that safe operation policy is a starting point of any company, so our main aim is to keep a high level of safety with the help of all employees.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.

May, 2020