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Message from the President

In the airline industry, even a minor unsafe act and just one person’s carelessness leads to a major accident that may result in a loss of life and damage the business management fundamentals.

As we are in the aviation business, it is our destiny not to allow even a single failure nor a momentary lapse.

Aviation safety is the highest priority commitment to our valued customers, and it is our corporate philosophy.

This value forms part of every employee’s DNA and along with ensuring compliance with laws, regulations and industry standards, we are committed to increasing flight safety awareness and sharing insights on unsafe operations for further improvements. I declare we are determined to continue being trusted by society as an accident-free company.

January 1, 2024
Ryuji Matsuoka, President

About us

Business name Akagi Helicopter Co., Ltd.
Founding date 28.06.1988
Capital 290 MM JPY
President Ryuji Matsuoka

Corporate Offices

Tokyo Head Office GoogleMap
Tokyo Heli-Port 4-7-15, Shinkiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo
136-0082 Japan
PHONE : +81-3-3521-7331 FAX : +81-3-3521-7330
Nara Base GoogleMap
Nara Ken Heli-Port 2437, Yadawara-Chou, Nara,
Nara-Pref, 630-2166 Japan
PHONE : +81-742-81-1711 FAX : +81-742-81-1712

Our Aircrafts